Script Fonts Bundle: 13 Fonts from QueenType

June 7th, 2019
96% discount - $9 instead of $234

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There’s nothing like a personal touch to give your designs that extra something. That’s why this Handmade Fonts Bundle from QueenType is such a steal! You’ll get 13 professional, handmade script fonts in one ridiculously discounted deal. Great for everything from printed quotes to logo design, these fonts feature a wide array of OpenType Features such as stylistic alternates, swashes and more.


  • Get yourself a gorgeous collection of 13 handmade script fonts from QueenType.
  • Add a truly natural look to your designs with these professional homemade typefaces.
  • Packed with oodles of OpenType features, you can really go to town with this font collection by using stylistic alternates, ligatures, alternate characters, swashes, and so much more.
  • Use any of these logos for a variety of projects including: printed quotes, image overlays, logos, apparel branding, greeting cards, product packaging, book covers, mugs, totes, text headers and more.
  • This set is incredibly flexible, as you mix and match the various alternate characters.
  • You’re free to use any of these typefaces on an unlimited number of projects for yourself or your business, thanks to the Extended Use license.
  • Specifically, this Handmade Script Bundle includes the following 13 typefaces: Stefhanie Script, Brightside Typeface, Brillia Script, Mellanie Typeface, Angelia Script, Manny Script, Scriptease Typeface, Shaliqa Script, Painting Script, Jellysugar Typeface, Allessa Script, Hellena Script and Greatpark Typeface.
96% discount - $9 instead of $234

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